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    If you are a candidate looking for a new role, a business looking for a recruitment partner or a recruitment professional looking for a career with Henderson Brown please fill in the below for a confidential conversation with one of our team:


    Permanent Recruitment

    HB Commercial has an outstanding track record of making successful placements that stand the test of time, time after time.

    And to continue this theme, we’ll also save you time, not only because of the exceptional expertise of our specialist recruiters, but also because of the typical process we follow: it’s one we think offers you a better experience as well as the best candidates the market can offer and it follows our process which is detailed further down the page.

    Exceptional Expertise

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    Our Process

    We are always keen to really understand the substance and subtleties of your individual role, the kind of candidate likely to succeed and your individual culture. You’ll find us thorough and detailed and we much prefer a face-to-face meeting.

    As well as providing guidance on the market, remuneration and talent pools, we will also provide direction on the process, setting timescales, milestones and deadlines and giving you confidence in our delivery commitments.

    With various powerful identification methods, we will find the best talent to meet your brief. Our reach is unrivalled and so often, we forward not the most obvious candidates but the best passive and exclusive ones.

    Unlike some of our competitors, we interview our candidates face-to-face without exception. In this context, we employ competency-based interviewing to challenge and probe, leaving you safe in the knowledge that candidate skillsets match the brief. Add in referencing, profiling and testing and you’ll have a 360-degree view of the candidate.

    When you receive our shortlist, there’ll be no “mediocre” or “filler” candidates; each one will be precisely-targeted and persuasive, saving you so much valuable time. We can also discuss each individual with you in detail – because we’ve met them.

    The candidates will be available, accurate, well-briefed and committed to your opportunity – it’s the perfect backdrop for you to have good interviews. We take proper feedback throughout the process and keep all parties well informed. If you so wish, we will also happily attend your interviews – that’s our golden hallmark of quality.

    A delicate part of the process playing to one of our biggest strengths, communication. We manage expectations, negotiate effectively and achieve a positive outcome for all parties. We confirm all the details, no matter how small, and this reflects our meticulous approach from start to finish.

    Unlike other recruiters, we don’t see the offer as the end of our involvement in the process. We keep in touch with candidates through awkward resignations and demanding notice periods, and our contact continues throughout the onboarding phase, checking in regularly and communicating both ways. This commitment’s another reason why our completion rates are so high.

    During the onboarding phase, we typically meet the hiring managers and key stakeholders to discuss and review the process. We aim to constantly evaluate and improve our service and your views are central to this. At the same time, we also provide open feedback to you, helping you to improve the candidates’ experience of your business and enhance your reputation as an employer.

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